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A vasectomy is a permanent and effective form of male birth control

Men who decide they don’t want to father any more children can have a vasectomy. This is a safe, quick procedure that our Houston urologists perform at your convenience. Vasectomies are the most effective way for a male to prevent pregnancy and are almost 100% effective.  

How vasectomies prevent pregnancy

 A vasectomy keeps sperm out of the semen. Our surgeons remove a portion of the vas deferens, the tubes that supply sperm to the semen. As a result, there is no pathway for sperm to enter the semen. 

Men can have sex about a week after the procedure. However, they need to use protection until they complete testing to verify that their semen is free of sperm. 

 What to expect during the procedure

Our skilled surgeons perform two types of vasectomies, including conventional and no-scalpel surgeries. Both procedures take about 20 to 30 minutes, and patients receive anesthesia. 

  • During a vasectomy, our surgeons make two small incisions in the scrotum. They pull the vas deferens through the skin to cut the tubes. A portion of the vas is removed and the ends of the vas are clipped and/or cauterized to prevent them from reconnecting. 

After the surgery, surgeons may close the tiny incisions or punctures with stitches or glue. Some surgeons will allow the body to heal on its own. 

What to expect after a vasectomy

After this procedure, men go home and rest for the remainder of the day. Patients should avoid strenuous activity and talk to our Houston urologists about when to return to work, usually in one to three days. Additionally, patients need to use protection during sex until they complete testing to ensure no sperm remain in their semen. 

Men can expect bruising, swelling and soreness after the surgery. Ice packs and acetaminophen can help with the discomfort. Men should call our office if they experience any of the following rare complications. 

  • An extreme amount of swelling in the scrotum 
  • Bleeding that won’t stop 
  • A fever that is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Pain that is too extreme to be controlled with ice and acetaminophen 

Men can depend on this form of permanent male birth control. Our highly trained and skilled Houston urologists are here to help, so contact us for an appointment.