Blood in urine is called hematuria and can indicate a problem in the genitourinary tract. See our Harris County urologists for help.

Imaging Center

HMU Imaging Center

At Houston Metro Urology we provide imaging services that complement the specialty of urology. For those conditions that urologists treat, the imaging modalities of a CT Scan, Ultrasound, and Dexa Scan provide the best information necessary in order to make a diagnosis; one that can promptly be assessed and treated. Our Imaging Center is within our Cancer Center, which is located at 4223 Richmond Avenue; just inside Loop 610. Our team of board-certified radiologists, who are located on-site, are constantly, throughout each day, interpreting the studies, providing our urologists with immediate feedback, both verbal and written, as to their findings. The close collaboration of the physician team only serves to address the needs of our patients in a more timely manner.

Imaging Studies

Houston Metro Urology offers the following imaging services that best complement the specialty of urology:

  • CT Scan
  • Ultrasound
  • Dexa Scan

Additionally, our team of board-certified radiologists, who are present in the facility, provides up-to-the-minute imaging interpretation and verbal collaboration with our urologists. Our main focus is patient care, and our imaging center exists to ensure that comprehensive urological care is available to all of our patients.