Blood in urine is called hematuria and can indicate a problem in the genitourinary tract. See our Harris County urologists for help.

Why Choose HMU?

Why choose Houston Metro Urology?

Urologic problems can be annoying, painful, embarrassing and difficult to handle. On top of all this, you need to find a urologist. There are so many urologists in this area. Why should you choose Houston Metro Urology?

Our Houston urologists are, of course, highly trained and skilled physicians. But don’t you want more? Our team believes that you deserve the kind of care and compassion that you want for your friends and family. We tailor your treatment to fit your needs. Our staff always takes the time to explain everything you need to know about your condition and your treatment options. We work with you, not around you.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the beliefs that guide us at Houston Metro Urology. Our team uses these principles daily to define our patient care and interactions.

  • Empathy. We treat our patients with the kindness and compassion we expect for ourselves and our loved ones.
  • Excellence. Our providers offer cost-effective care that leads to measurable outcomes that help improve our patients’ lives.
  • Collaboration. Teamwork, from urologists and lab staff to radiation oncologists and pathologists, provides patients with the best care possible.
  • Patient-centered care. We focus all our efforts on our patients’ health and well-being.

Our team works together to provide the most innovative urologic care

Houston Metro Urology offers more than just physicians. We offer the complete urology package. Our team consists of our Houston urologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists and radiologists to treat every aspect of your condition. Patients benefit from our team’s collaborative work and our extra services and locations.

You can rely on Houston Metro Urology to address every aspect of your urologic condition.

Our Houston urologists and team members work hard to enhance your patient experience

Dealing with healthcare issues is hard enough, so we try to make the whole process easier and more convenient.

  • Same day appointments available for urgent problems
  • Fully-staffed central business office to address your concerns
  • Financial counselors to assist you and help you deal with financial hardships
  • Convenient online options, including appointment scheduling and bill paying
  • E-prescribing for “on the spot” electronic transfers of your prescriptions

Why choose Houston Metro Urology? Because we care about you, your life and your health.

Our Mission Statement

Houston Metro Urology’s mission is to deliver exemplary healthcare services. With unwavering commitment, we work to extend the same compassionate and professional care we desire for our loved ones. Our skilled team is committed to offering innovative, complete urology solutions tailored to individuals across all life phases.

Our Vision Statement

Houston Metro Urology aims to improve urology care by offering advanced urologic diagnosis and treatment in a patient-centric manner at state-of-the-art care centers. We also strive to continually advance the field through research, patient education, and community involvement.