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Single-Port Robotic Surgery

Single-port robotic surgery requires only one small incision

Our Houston urology doctors are always looking for ways to improve their patients’ experience and treatment. Our patients benefit from the latest surgical innovations, including single-port robotic surgery. The least invasive type of urologic robotic surgery, this procedure only requires a single port, or incision, unlike other minimally invasive surgeries which require three to five small incisions.  

How our surgeons perform robot-assisted single-port surgery

Single-port surgery uses a robotic system that has a single arm, instead of four. This system allows our surgeons to complete the procedure through one small incision. Like other robot-assisted surgeries, the surgeon is always in control of the operation. He or she manipulates the surgical instruments through a console that provides a high-resolution image of the surgical area.  

Patients with a variety of conditions can have single-port robotic surgery

To date, our highly trained surgeons perform single-port robotic surgery for the following conditions and problems. 

  • Prostatectomies and other prostate problems 
  • Cystectomies
  • Reconstructing urinary tracts 
  • Nephrectomies 

Patients who may not be candidates for this type of procedure due to morbid obesity, serious cardiac or lung disease, or having had multiple abdominal surgeries may be able to have single-port robotic procedures. The opportunity to have minimally invasive robotic surgery is a major benefit for these men and women. 

Single-port prostatectomies provide quicker recovery time and less pain

One excellent example of a benefit of this style of procedure is the single-port robot-assisted transvesical prostatectomy. During this procedure, our Houston urology doctors access the prostate directly through the patient’s bladder, making only one incision. 

 Research shows that patients who have the single-port prostatectomy are more likely to go home on the day of surgery and experience less pain after surgery. They also recover more quickly. 

Patients who have minimally invasive robotic surgery experience fewer complications

 Robotic surgery, including single-port surgery, offers several benefits for men and women with urologic problems. 

  • Fewer complications 
  • Less blood loss 
  • Fewer blood transfusions 
  • Faster recovery post-surgery 
  • Less time in the hospital 
  • Little to no scarring 

 Some research indicates that people who have single-port robotic surgery have even fewer complications than those who have traditional laparoscopic abdominal surgery. 

Our Houston urology doctors provide skilled urologic robotic surgery

Patients who are looking for compassionate, skilled urologic care from surgeons who provide the most up-to-date treatments should contact us for an appointment. Everyone on our team is here to help men and women who struggle with urologic problems.