Our Houston area urologists treat a variety of conditions and illnesses

Urologic Conditions

Don’t suffer from urologic conditions when our Houston urologists can help

Facing bladder, kidney, prostate problems or other urologic conditions? Seeing our Houston urologists should be your number one priority. Our experienced physicians have a thorough understanding of the male and female urinary tract, which includes the bladder and kidneys. They also diagnose and treat issues involving the prostate and male reproductive organs.  

Bladder problems are common urologic conditions in men and women 

Your bladder is the organ that stores and releases urine from your body. Issues that affect your bladder and other parts of your urinary tract can cause problems. These problems can include urine leakage, urine retention and pain. Here are some of the most common conditions our physicians treat. 

Kidney issues range from kidney stones and cysts to kidney cancer

Healthy kidneys are crucial to your health and wellness. These organs filter the waste out of your blood to make urine. Kidney disease prevents your kidneys from working properly. Our highly skilled and trained urologists help patients who have chronic kidney disease and other urologic conditions. 

 Prostate and male reproductive organ issues require expert treatment

You probably know someone who has had prostate problems. This small gland, which is located below your bladder and in front of your rectum, can cause a variety of problems, particularly in older men.  

If you are one of the many men who have issues with your male reproductive organs, you may be hesitant to talk to a physician. Please don’t ignore problems like erectile dysfunction, low testosterone or issues with ejaculation. Our physicians want to help you deal with these health issues and improve your quality of life.  

Don’t delay. Get treatment for your urinary tract and other issues

You are not alone if you put off making an appointment with a physician when you have bladder, kidney, prostate or other urologic conditions. You may be embarrassed by asking questions about subjects you consider to be sensitive and private.  

However, our Houston urologists urge you to come in for diagnosis and treatment. Whatever you discuss with our physicians and staff is confidential, and everyone in our office will treat you with compassion and professionalism. Don’t ignore your health. Contact us for an appointment today. Our urologists serve Greater Houston, including Sugar Land, Richmond-Rosenberg and Pasadena.