Our Houston area urologists treat a variety of conditions and illnesses

Urologic Surgery

Our Houston urologists perform urologic surgery to treat several conditions

Often, our physicians can treat patients’ problems without surgery, but certain urologic conditions still require urologic surgery. The good news is that our surgeons are highly trained, skilled and experienced in everything from minimally invasive surgeries to the most complicated procedures.  

Men need urologic surgery for a variety of reasons

Men come to see our physicians for a wide variety of reasons, including issues involving having children or preventing having them, and problems in the bedroom or bathroom. We treat male infertility with surgeries for varicoceles, or scrotum varicose veins, and surgeries to treat problems that interfere with sperm production or delivery. Here are just a few of the surgical interventions we perform. 

Women who have certain urologic conditions require surgical intervention

Our Houston urologists understand women’s unique urologic issues. Our surgeons perform surgeries that improve women’s lives, treating urinary incontinence issues and pelvic floor dysfunction problems that negatively affect their quality of life. After urologic surgery, women are freed from the embarrassing and sometimes painful symptoms that keep them from enjoying life fully. Surgery provides relief from pain during urination and sex, as well as from the embarrassment and irritation of urine leakage and constantly having to find a bathroom.  

Patients who need cancer surgery can rely on our highly skilled surgeons

Cancer isn’t a word anyone wants to hear, but when patients have a cancer diagnosis that involves the kidneys, bladder, prostate, testicles or penis, our physicians are here to help. There are several methods of treating urologic cancers, and sometimes patients need surgery. Our surgeons remove the cancerous tumor or mass using minimally invasive surgical techniques, whenever possible. 

Minimally invasive surgery benefits patients in several ways 

Our Houston urologists are trained in the most advanced, up-to-date surgical techniques, including minimally invasive options for many urologic conditions. Minimally invasive surgery involves smaller incisions, usually about a half-inch long. Our surgeons perform this type of surgery in a few different ways.  

  • Laparoscopic surgery involves using a thin tube that surgeons pass through small incisions to view organs. They also attach instruments to the tube to perform surgery. 
  • Robotic surgery isn’t performed by a robot, but by our surgeons, assisted by the robot’s precision and ability to get to difficult-to-reach areas of the body. The surgeon is always in control.

Patients who have minimally invasive surgery recover more quickly and have fewer complications. 

Our Houston urologists use their skills and training to perform urologic surgery that helps people improve their quality of life, feel better and live longer. Contact us for an appointment.