Blood in urine is called hematuria and can indicate a problem in the genitourinary tract. See our Harris County urologists for help.

About Our Urological Specialty Care Practice

Welcome to Houston Metro Urology

Since 2006, the highly trained and skilled physicians and staff at Houston Metro Urology have provided comprehensive urological specialty care to patients in the Houston metro area. With 10 locations and over 20 Houston area urologists, our urology practice can address virtually any genitourinary condition that arises.

Our Houston area urologists treat a variety of conditions and illnesses

Our physicians can diagnose and treat every facet of urological specialty care. Here, you will find urology specialists with advanced training in specific conditions and treatments, such as female urology, incontinence, cancer treatment, minimally invasive surgery and prostatic laser surgery. We also have radiation oncologists, pathologists and radiologists on staff.

We provide the most up-to-date diagnostics and treatments. Here are just a few of the many urologic conditions we treat in our urology practice.

Houston Metro Urology’s specialized facilities for convenient care

When patients need specialized care, Houston Metro Urology provides access to multiple convenient treatment facilities and services.

Additionally, our Center for Voiding Dysfunction and Incontinence is a unique, state-of-the-art facility for treating bladder control issues. Our Houston urologists know that these issues have a big impact on our patients’ quality of life, so we created a dedicated facility that provides expert evaluation of these problems, including urodynamic testing. Once our Houston area urologists pinpoint the cause of a bladder control problem, they can zero in on it and provide an individualized treatment plan.

Our clinical trials division offers patients a unique opportunity

Patients who qualify may take part in research trials involving a variety of urological disorders, providing them with the opportunity to participate in trials that utilize new treatments or medications that are not available to the general public. We post research trials on our urology practice website so that patients can review them. If patients are interested in a study, they can sign up and wait for a phone call from one of our research coordinators.

Patients can count on the helpful staff of our urology practice

Sometimes, patients develop a medical problem that requires same-day care. Our professional staff offers same-day appointments for patients with urgent issues. With offices in multiple locations throughout the Houston metro area, patients are certain to find a convenient location near their home or workplace.

Patients who have billing or insurance questions can rely on our fully staffed, centralized business office for answers. Our website makes scheduling appointments or paying bills easier and more convenient, while providing vital information about our comprehensive urological care.

Compassionate, comprehensive urological specialty care is always our goal

At Houston Metro Urology, our Houston area urologists and our staff members work together to provide our patients with the finest, most up-to-date urological specialty care. Contact us for an appointment with one of the highly skilled physicians in our urology practice.