Blood in urine is called hematuria and can indicate a problem in the genitourinary tract. See our Harris County urologists for help.

Clinical Research Center

Houston Metro Urology Clinical Research Center

At Houston Metro Urology, our team is highly committed to comprehensive urology care and services. Our practice includes a full range of specialists, including our Houston urologists, radiologists, pathologists and radiation pathologists. We also employ research coordinators in our clinical research center to help patients who qualify to participate in research trials.

Research trials provide patients and physicians with valuable opportunities

Clinical trials help our physicians and researchers learn more about a variety of urologic conditions, treatments and medications. Here are some of the ways studies advance the field of urology.

  • Helps urologists learn more about disease prevention
  • Helps learn more about managing and treating conditions
  • Allows researchers to study the effectiveness and side effects of new treatments

Patients who choose to participate in clinical trials are always volunteers. Our team encourages patients to ask our Houston urologists and the staff at our clinical research center about open clinical trials. Here are some of the benefits patients receive from participating in clinical studies.

  • Provides access to the latest treatments before they are widely available to the general public
  • Expert medical professionals closely monitor patients’ conditions
  • Helping improve medical knowledge to benefit themselves and others
  • Patients may be compensated for their time and reimbursed for extra services

At our clinical research center, patient safety is our primary concern

The highly skilled and knowledgeable researchers at our clinical research center bring extensive experience to their work with research trials. Patient safety is always at the top of our concerns. Patients can rest assured that every clinical study we participate in is conducted according to the principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCPs) as mandated by the FDA.

Our research coordinators assist patients by providing more information about currently open and enrolling studies. They also help patients find out if they qualify for a research study. Patients who would like more information or to enroll in research trials should call: 713-634-4405.

Our Houston urologists provide state-of-the-art care for a variety of genitourinary problems

When men and women at any life stage develop urologic problems, our compassionate, professional team is here to provide the most up-to-date care opportunities. Call us at (713) 634-4405 or contact us online to learn more about clinical trials we are actively enrolling.