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Urologic Robotic Surgery

Urologic Robotic Surgery for Faster Recovery

Patients with a variety of issues benefit from urologic robotic surgery. This minimally invasive surgery is also known as robot-assisted surgery because our highly trained Houston urologists are always the ones in control of the procedures. Our robotic surgical system provides our physicians with a degree of precision that allows them to perform delicate and difficult surgeries through very small incisions. 

Our experienced, skilled surgeons control the robotic surgical system at all times

The robotic surgery system includes robotic arms that hold surgical instruments and a hi-def camera. The 3-D camera connects to a console that provides our surgeons with a detailed view of the surgical area. Our physician controls the robotic arms that hold the instruments, manipulating the instruments throughout the surgery. The system isn’t a self-directing robot, but a sophisticated tool that responds only to the surgeon’s touch. 

Robot-assisted, minimally invasive surgery provides patients with several benefits

Urologic robotic surgery makes it possible for our physicians to perform surgeries that used to require more invasive procedures. This technique helps our surgeons in several ways. 

  • Provides the urologist with greater dexterity and range of motion 
  • Provides highly detailed, magnified images of the surgical field 
  • Gives the surgeon easier access to the surgical area 

Patients also benefit in several ways from robot-assisted surgeries.  

  • Fewer surgical complications 
  • Small incisions 
  • Fewer scars 
  • Lower risk of infection 
  • Shorter hospitalizations 
  • Less pain
  • Less blood loss 
  • Fewer blood transfusions needed 
  • Quicker recovery 
  • Faster return to daily life 

Our Houston urologists employ urologic robotic surgery to treat several different conditions

Minimally invasive surgery is much more common in urology today. Our surgeons perform urologic robotic surgery for a variety of conditions. 

What patients should know about urology and robotic surgery

Robot-assisted surgery isn’t always the right approach for every patient or procedure. Our surgeons use their experience and knowledge to determine which type of surgery is best.  

With any surgery, even minimally invasive procedures, there is a slight risk of bleeding, infection and complications. However, it’s important to know that robotic surgery is a safe and effective technique. 

Men and women who require urologic surgery can rely on our skilled physicians

Our Houston urologists provide our patients with the most up-to-date procedures and treatments for their urologic problems. If you are having urology-related symptoms, contact us for an appointment.