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5 Reasons to Stop Smoking After a Cancer Diagnosis

Stopping smoking has health benefits when you've ben diagnosed with cancer

If there was ever a better time to stop smoking, it is now.

Cancer takes a serious toll on your body, and the best way to fight it is by making healthy choices. It is never too late to stop smoking, even after you have been diagnosed with cancer. Here are 5 benefits of quitting nicotine now.

  1. Effective Cancer Treatment Continuing to smoke during treatment lowers the odds of healing. However, stopping smoking as you undergo cancer treatment can allow them to be more effective. The health benefits of quitting nicotine are immediate!
  2. Lower Your Risk of Cancer Reoccurrence We have all heard that smoking causes cancer. Even if the cancer you are battling is seemingly unrelated to your smoking habit, know that smoking can cause new malignancies to form. Stopping smoking lowers the risk of cancer reoccurrence and lowers the risk you will develop a new form of cancer.
  3. Strengthen Your Immune System Your immune system needs all the help it can get in the fight against cancer! Smoking causes stress to your body and distracts the immune system from battling cancer. Your immune system will begin benefitting the moment you stop smoking.
  4. Recover Faster  Smoking can make getting through your cancer treatments very difficult. It also increases the severity of treatment-related side effects. If you stop smoking, you will recover from surgeries and therapies faster than you otherwise would.
  5. Improve Your Skin  Smoking accelerates your skin’s aging process, making you look older and sicker than you actually are. The harmful toxins in nicotine cause more drooping, wrinkling, and discoloring on your skin. After all, you are going through on the inside, the last thing you need is to look terrible on the outside.

It is important to remember that for some people, it can take almost a dozen attempts before one successfully quits smoking. A cancer diagnosis is a serious sign of what needs to happen for your health. Your doctors are standing with you and are in support of your journey to stop smoking.

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