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4 Myths About Vasectomies Debunked

Vasectomies are easier than you think - Houston Urologists

Vasectomies are easier than you think

Vasectomies are a common form of male contraception in the United States, with around 500,000 being performed every year. Even though almost every man will consider whether or not to get a vasectomy at some point in their life, there is still misinformation regarding this surgery. These 4 myths about vasectomies debunked can help you make a more educated decision.

My sex drive will decrease after a vasectomy

Many believe this myth, but biologically it is not true. Vasectomies only disrupt the delivery of sperm, not the hormonal function of the testes. Your sex drive and ability should remain in tact. Your body will still make sperm, but since the sperm is not used, it simply gets absorbed into the body.

My vasectomy surgery involves a scalpel and a large incision

It does not have to. At Houston Metro Urology, we perform no-scalpel vasectomies. Your genitals are still injected with a local anesthetic to relieve discomfort. Both vas deferens are still occluded. The difference is exactly how the vas deferens is accessed. By using a vas-fixation clamp, the scrotal skin is spread, and the vas deferens are lifted out to be cauterized. This procedure leaves a wound only millimeters wide and has many benefits compared to the traditional vasectomy method!

My recovery time will be long and unbearable

Typically, with no-scalpel vasectomies, recovery time lasts only two to three days. You will see less bleeding and less discomfort than traditional methods. After a week, you should be fully functioning to engage in sports, heavy lifting, and intercourse again. If you schedule your vasectomy during a mellow time of year (like March Madness), you can just lounge on the couch to recover like a champ.

Permanent birth control is easier for women

A woman’s option for permanent birth control is a tubal ligation, which is much more invasive and complicated than a vasectomy. Other non-permanent options like the pill or intrauterine devices disrupt a woman’s hormones and are not meant to be used for more than 10 years. In contrast, a vasectomy has very few downsides, is easily recovered from, lasts only 15 minutes, and is permanent for a man. The choice is clear!

When you have decided the time is right, schedule an appointment for your no-scalpel vasectomy with Houston Metro Urology.

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