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How to Recover Health After the Holidays

Staying healthy for the holidays

Staying healthy or regaining your health is important

For quite some time, the holidays have and a negative stigma surrounding health. It’s a season filled with sweets and treats, alcohol, and overindulgence. Besides gaining a few holiday pounds, the after-effects of these unhealthy habits can follow you for months – even years – after the season is over. The season has an effect on your urological health as well.

Holiday Foods and Your Body

It’s more than just the fact that we overeat during the holidays, we also do a number on our health because of the kinds of food we put in our bodies. Salty foods and overprocessed sugars are difficult to digest, so second helpings of grandma’s cheesy potatoes will make your kidneys work overtime.

Some studies even say that increased consumption of bread and potatoes has led to an increased risk of certain cancers in lab animals. Cooking starchy foods at higher temps results in a chemical called Acrylamide – also present in cigarette smoke. While the jury’s still out on the effect on humans, experts agree that it’s still a good idea to avoid stuffing yourself on a regular basis.

To combat this problem, be sure to include plenty of green vegetables and vitamin-rich foods in your diet.  Limit salty, sugary, or acidic foods that can irritate your bladder – and be sure to get plenty of fiber!

Winter Dehydration

Dehydration during the holidays is one of the most dangerous changes to your health – mostly because people don’t realize it’s happening. It’s hard to think about dehydration when it’s chilly outside and you’re not breaking a sweat, but added salts, coffee, and alcohol consumed during the holidays all contribute to dehydration.

As stweardtoday.com reports, “Several of your body’s organs can be affected by a urological disease or ailment, including the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra (for both men and women), as well as the prostate, penis and testicles in males.”  of course, the simplest way to avoid those problems is to drink plenty of water. Physical activity, a healthy weight, and a healthy diet are other ways to help you stay hydrated after the holidays.

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back on a healthy track. Use the new year to adopt some healthier habits: drink more water, eat foods rich in fiber and vitamins, and talk to your healthcare provider if your holiday extravagance causes lasting urological problems.

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