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Optilume® Treatment for Urethral Strictures

Optilume treatment for urethral strictures uses cutting-edge technology

People with urethral stricture disease have problems urinating due to blockages that narrow the urethra. Our Houston urologists strive to provide state-of-the-art technology for urologic conditions, so we are happy to offer Optilume® treatment for urethral strictures, the world’s first urethral drug-coated balloon.

Normally, urine leaves the bladder, flows through the urethra and out of the body. When trauma or improper catheterization occur, strictures, or scar tissue, can develop that block the flow of urine. For years, urologists have provided treatment that treats strictures and symptoms, but quite often, patients developed strictures again, leading to recurring problems. This FDA-approved treatment not only treats existing strictures, but also helps prevent new scar tissue from developing.

How the Optilume® urethral drug-coated balloon provides superior results

Traditional urethral dilation treatment stretched, or dilated, the urethra to break up scar tissue. Often, physicians needed to repeat the procedure when patients developed new strictures. Optilume treatment uses a drug-coated balloon to dilate the stricture, simultaneously creating micro-fissures in the scar tissue while delivering a drug that coats the damaged areas, limiting scar tissue and helping to prevent new strictures.

The benefits of Optilume treatment for urethral strictures

  • Optilume treatment is a minimally invasive procedure.
  • Most patients experience immediate symptom relief.
  • Optilume is a proven method for preventing new scar tissue and strictures.
  • The urethral drug-coated balloon simultaneously dilates the urethra and delivers medicine to break the recurring stricture cycle.
  • Optilume treatment for urethral strictures is an excellent treatment for patients who have had unsuccessful endoscopic procedures.

Our team offers urethral stricture disease treatments to suit every patient

Every patient’s case is different, and Optilume treatment for urethral strictures isn’t the appropriate treatment for every case. Patients can rely on our Houston urologists to discern which treatment option is optimal for their symptoms.

  • Endoscopic urethrotomy is a minimally invasive procedure. Our surgeons insert a cystoscope into the urethra to find the stricture. Once they find the stricture, they remove it with a laser to open up the urethra and allow urine to flow correctly.
  • Urethroplasty is a reconstructive surgery for the urethra.

After a discussion with our urologists, some patients with urethral stricture disease may not opt for surgery. In that case, intermittent self-catheterization or long-term catheterization are options.

Our Houston urologists provide state-of-the-art treatment for urologic conditions

Patients can rely on our urology team to offer the finest options available for urologic conditions and treatment. Our physicians, medical providers and staff believe that nobody should suffer silently or deal with painful and embarrassing symptoms of urethral stricture disease. Contact us for an appointment or for more information about Optilume treatment for urethral strictures.